The Sales System He Had To Go Deaf To Discover

If You Can Hear, You Can Sell
by Don Milton (coming soon to Amazon & Barnes & Noble Books)

If You Can Hear, You Can Sell. A Sales System He Had To Go Deaf To Discover! by Don Milton

Coming Soon to Amazon

Don Milton the Salesman

   Don sold insurance, lots of it. He used his quirky radio ad to get the audience to remember his phone number. He would often have three telephone lines on hold while speaking with a fourth customer. His system for juggling the phones worked. He was the recipient of many sales awards and bonuses. He sold his insurance agency in 1999 to pursue other interests.

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Here’s What California Life Coach Ron Morrow says about Don:

   “After more than ten years of deafness, Don has learned to write and deliver some of the most entertaining training material you’ll ever hear! His course explains how we all have untapped abilities and we don’t have to go deaf like Don, to use them.”

More about Don Milton

   Originally from Seattle, Don Milton marketed and sold his way to the top of his field as an agent for the world’s largest stock auto insurer. He had a plan, he put it into action, and it worked. Through his methods of acquiring customers he became the most profitable agency in the state of Washington*.

   When Don started his agency he set a ten year goal with plans to sell the agency when he reached it. He reached the goal ahead of time and was paid a much higher price than the goal he’d set. But let’s get to the real reason you’ve got to attend this seminar. There’s a deaf guy. His name is Don Milton. He used to sell up a storm and because he’s gone deaf he’s learned things about selling that nobody else knows. It doesn’t matter where he’s been or what he’s done. The important thing is that he’ll tell you his secrets. And that’s what he’s about to do.

  Don is an author, a speaker, and a publisher. He’s published 12 titles. He’s written a novel, four fairy tales, lots of advertising material, the upcoming book mentioned above, and produced all the material for this website.

Don Milton the story teller

Fresh Fairy Tales – The Ragged Prince, Voice in the Trees, The Forest Hermit, & Pool of Vanities
by Don Milton (Available Now on Amazon & Barnes & Noble Books) Don also narrated Fresh Fairy Tales as a way to promote the insurance agency he started in 2006.

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Prince of Sumba

   An end times adventure that begins in the city of Cagayan de Oro and ends in a far away land.
by Don Milton (Available Now on Amazon & Barnes & Noble Books)

   Don is currently working on a few other books as well and he’s re-published some 18th & 19th century Christian classics. He’s published a total of a dozen books. He’s also obtained a hymnal first published in 1769 from which he’s hoping to record long forgotten melodies with the help of university students.

Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics – University of Washington 1987

   Don drove taxi to pay his way through college. He also used his taxi earnings to travel to the Philippines. He even studied at Silliman University but decided to finish at the University of Washington in Seattle. He’s studied five languages and regularly speaks a language other than his own. Yeah, of all people to go deaf, a guy who has studied five languages. Well, our Creator works in wondrous ways and Don says losing his hearing has been a blessing because it has revealed so many things he would never have learned if he could still hear well.

Don Milton – the Web Answer Man

   It only made sense that if a talented writer enjoyed making ads for products as much as Don did that he’d want to try advertising for other businesses as well. By the year 1999, Internet advertising was taking the place of Radio and TV ads. It made sense for Don to enter this new market.

Don Milton’s Return To Insurance

   By 2006, Don was missing insurance so much that he opened a new agency to sell auto, home, and life insurance. Ten years earlier, he was selling a whole lot of insurance and it made sense that if any salesman could repeat his previous success, Don could. And he had no reason to think otherwise. He loved selling insurance. “Insurance is a beautiful thing.” Don says, “You sell, create, and deliver the product at the same moment! An insurance policy is written by the agent with all the frills or lack of frills the customer demands and it is backed up by the insurance company merely because the agent signed it!” But by 2006, there was a problem. At first, Don thought he’d lost his edge. He tried for six more years but by 2012 he had to face the truth. He was too deaf to know what his customers were saying. Were they saying yes or not yet, no or so, maybe or stay away, we’ll see or lousy. At times the English language that Don’s customers spoke very clearly sounded like a foreign language. Imagine how shocked his English speaking customers were when he asked, “I hope you won’t be offended but I need to ask because I’m so deaf I’m not understanding you. Are you speaking English?”

In Don’s Own Words

   “Since arriving in the Philippines I’ve been blessed. The beauty of the Philippines, for a deaf guy like me, is that if I don’t understand what you’ve said in English, you can repeat it in Tagalog, or vice versa. My deafness is inherited. Both my parents had early onset deafness as well as both my grandfathers. My hearing loss is of the stubborn sort in that raising the volume doesn’t fix it. Just like a radio station fades in and out on a mountain drive, my hearing fades in and out. And no, I don’t have to be driving in the mountains for that to happen! Problem is, the average person perceives hearing loss as a lack of mental ability. As you can see from what I’ve written, I’m certainly not lacking in mental ability. But when I finally came to terms with having lost much of my ability to hear, I realized I had limited options. But those options soon became opportunities and the opportunities became successes. We hope you’ll enjoy our event and we’ll show you how your limited options can become opportunities and then successes!”

*Based on loss ratio as engraved on the award. Witnessed by T.H. MSM. For more information see the March 2, 2019 article in Investopedia linked here.

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