The Sales System He Had To Go Deaf To Discover
Motivational Speaker Ron Morrow

Motivator Ron Morrow

In his early teens Ron was already a working student. By eighteen he wanted to find out what it took to become an owner of a company but he knew starting a business wasn’t all it took. You needed knowledge, and to learn from the best, so he read one business book after another. Ron got lucky. The books he came upon were some of the most inspiring he’d read. He began inspiring and encouraging others and kept reading and growing as he built his own business. He was now living the words in one of the books he’d read, “You can have everything you want in life, if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.” You see, simply by helping his customers, Ron began earning more than many of them. He had a plan, he put it in action, and it worked! Now Ron would like to help you get what you want in life. Will you let him?

Ron knows it’s not an easy road to success and it never gets easier, just more rewarding. You might find that you and Ron have a lot in common. In addition to his love for motivational speaking, Ron loves boxing, martial arts, fitness and nutrition. And although Ron now runs a successful business, his beginnings were humble. Cleaning toilets in the corner grocery, sweeping the aisles and stocking shelves. From that he progressed to customer service, and then sales. Not to forget a very important part of Ron’s life. He studied under the well known evangelist Chuck Smith at Bible College.

Meet Ron. You’ll find he’s not out to change you. You’ll have to do that. He’d just like a few words with you. Can you take the time? Ron will be flying in very soon for THE SHOW. If You Can Hear, You Can Sell! March 19th & 20th.

Meet Ron in person and share your story. You’ll find he’s just as interested in YOU, as you are in him.

Motivator Ron Morrow
Ron Morrow

Guest Ron Morrow